Cheap Drinks You Can Make In Your Kitchen

Cheap Drinks You Can Make In Your Kitchen

Cape Codder

Also called a vodka cranberry, it is a delicious and simple drink you can have any time of the day. For this you will need a bottle of cranberry juice, found for a few bucks at the local supermarket combined with an inexpensive bottle of vodka will result in cape codders at minimal cost.

Margarita and Daiquiri

These are obvious favorites in every household since it is one of the most cost-effective ways of diversifying your drinking experience. For both of these drinks, you will require distilled spirit, tequila or rum or budget-friendly liqueur while adding a few fresh fruits or canned fruits. You can blend or shake these two drinks into any flavor you imagine.

Black Russian

Luscious and simple, the black Russian is without a doubt one of the best drinks while on a tight budget. You can make any number of vodka drinks with a few extras in hand. So be sure to check for coffee liqueurs cheaper than Kahlua. You can build the favorite drink using vodka and Kahlua base.

Lemon drop martini

Lemon juice, vodka, and sugar combine for a low-cost and elegant drink. It is a quite refreshing cocktail with the zing of a freshly made lemon drop martini being a pure pleasure in the flavor department. Without spending a fortune and with a quick switch in ingredients, you can enjoy a variety of vodka martinis.


After picking up a six-pack of ginger ale, grab a bottle of whiskey and mix it up for the highball, which you can enjoy for days. You are looking at a $20 or less drink depending on your choice of whiskey.

Gin Rickey

One cost-effective way to save money from going to the bar is investing in a soda maker or siphon along with a few CO2 cartridges. With this single tool, you can make any soda drink you like. A well-stocked bar along with a little soda can give you a gin Rickey to a myriad of other beverages at minimal cost.

Gin and tonic

Undoubtedly a favorite among many drinkers, the gin and tonic can be as cheap and extravagant as you need it to be. It can be easily made with some great gins for below $15 and six pack of small tonic water bottles which cost a few dollars. To spice things up, you can add a shot of flavored syrup or random fruit juice to the G&T routine.


Rum and coke

Since rum is one of the least expensive spirits out there, this makes the rum and coke combination one of the cheapest drinks you can mix up. Combining $10 bottle rum with a $1 liter of coke, you achieve a drink which is tasty and easy on the purse.


You can easily make a refreshing mojito with the help of a bottle of rum, some mint, and club soda. It is a fantastic drink which is cheap and easy to make.

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