Tips For Cleaning Your Whole House In A Day


Tips For Cleaning Your Whole House In A Day

It is a daunting task to clean your home in a whole day. Fortunately, with the help of these tips, you can make it possible to clean your full house in a day.

Begin with dishes and laundry

If you have dirty and dusty curtains, get them as soon as possible along with other bed linens into the washing machine. It is a sort of multitasking as while the washing machine washes your laundry; you are free to clean the rest of your house. If you are burdened with dirty dishes in the sink, get it cleaned and start the dishwasher while you attack different rooms.

Clean from the top down

Begin your dusting process from the top and work your way down. Tend to clean the ceiling fans and dust off the high shelves and progressively get to the lower areas. It is practical as the dirt and grime from above do not get all over surfaces which you have already cleaned. Repeat this in each room.

Banish clutter

While you work on cleaning the tops of tables and shelves, now is the right time to clear clutter. Tend to put away items as you go and toss the things you no longer require in the bin. You can designate a box of such items with an intention to donate.


Tackle the bathrooms

Clean the toilet one after the other and avoid doing rooms in between. Spray disinfectants on the counter, tub and toilet with the help of a cleaner and wipe them down. Do not forget the mirrors and walls as well.

Clean the kitchen

Clear everything off the kitchen counter and wipe them down with a disinfectant. Do not forget to clean the sink, cabinets, and appliances as well.

Clean out the fridge

Before cleaning the refrigerator, remove all contents from the refrigerator. Using hot soapy water begin to wipe down all the shelves, handles and drawers. If needed, pull out the drawers and clean them individually.

Clean furniture

Use an upholstery attachment on the vacuum to clean all the upholstered furniture. When cleaning wood or wicker furniture, use a rag to wipe them down.


Tackle the floors

Tackle all the carpeted areas of your home using a vacuum. Sweep where it is needed including below the furniture and in tight corners. Don’t be afraid to move the furniture to vacuum and clean behind. Also tend to mop the kitchen, bathroom, and rooms.

Tidy the laundry and mudroom

When in the laundry room, toss all old and empty containers. If needed clean out the dryer’s lint trap. Organize the cupboards, shelves, and mudroom.


Finish outside

Don’t forget to clean the patio and deck. Using hot soapy water, wipe down the furniture. Tend to power wash or hose off the surfaces.

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