What makes good kitchen appliances?

What makes good kitchen appliances?

Kitchen appliances make the process of cooking food much easier, they are often used for processes such as cutting, mixing, grinding and blending ingredients to prepare different types of meals.

Some of the common utensils you can find at the kitchen include; cups, spoons, chopping boards, stirring bowls, spatula and pastry blenders among others. Nevertheless, as a homeowner or restaurant manager it’s always important to look for the best kitchen equipment which can serve your cooking interests well. Here are a few points to consider when choosing quality kitchen tools:-

a) Dishwashers. These appliances are often used to remove residual food particles from cutlery, and washing them clean by spraying hot water on the surface at temperatures of between 45 to 75C degrees. They usually vary in capacity from elegant, top-end designs to much smaller units that can easily fit on a countertop.

When choosing a dishwasher, ensure that it’s of the correct size to fit into the available space in your kitchen. Similarly, it needs to have appropriate features which will make the dishwashing process much easier, some of which include stainless tubs, flexible racks, the best range hoods, soil sensors and stacked drawers among others.

Generally, dishwashers vary in price from those that cost less than $500, to more complex machines valued at $1,000 or more. The pricier the machine the more advanced its features and vice versa, for instance, some high-end dishwashers are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and special wash zones.

b) Pastry blenders. This cooking gear is commonly used to churn solid fat into flour, so as to prepare it for making pastries. It consists of thin metal strips or wires which are attached onto the handle, and used to press down on the ingredients being mixed. The tool is also applied for breaking down lard, shortening and butter into smaller chunks.

When choosing a pastry blender, ensure that the handle is firmly attached onto the side to provide you a comfortable and strong grip, which makes it easier to press down on thick dough. Preferably go for a utensil with a wood or vinyl handle, since they provide the sturdiest grips.

Similarly, the blades should be made from aluminum or steel metals, since plastic doesn’t hold up properly when mixing pastry. Moreover, there should be sufficient space between the blades to allow flour & shortening to mix freely without being stuck. It’s also better if the sharp edges are packed within a single unit, instead of individual blade design whereby some blades may become detached when stirring thick dough.

c) Chef knives. These utensils are typically used to chop and disjoint large chunks of meat, they come in two unique designs which are the deep and continuously curved German-style knives, as well as the French models which are mostly straight but curve slightly at the tip.

It’s always recommended to choose knives with larger blades, since they have more surface area for chopping. It should also be comfortable on your hand, fitting perfectly between the thumb and forefinger.

In conclusion, what makes good kitchen appliances? When choosing kitchen utensils it’s important to ensure that they have the appropriate features to suit your cooking needs, they should also be affordable and within your budget.

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