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  • Introduction

    Carpets and rugs become dirty and full of pet danger, grime, and allergens, which are harmful to members of your family. With the right vacuum, that doesn't have to be the case; it eradicates all these dirt effectively. However, due to the presence of various models identifying your ideal brand is hard. To make things simpler, below are mistakes to avoid while buying vacuum cleaners.
    1. Overlooking noisiness

    While it is true that a high-power vacuum cleaner will finish the job fast, it is advisable to pay attention to its noise level. Some models promise high power only to deliver that alongside deafening noise effectively interrupting the usual conversation. The situation will be worse if you live in an apartment; neighbors may start complaining, especailly if you vacuum late into the night. So, as you put into consideration the output power, be sure to check the noise level as well. Vacuum-Cleaner
    1. Basing your decision on price alone

    You do not have to purchase the most expensive product in the market to get the best quality. You can also get good vacuum cleaners under 100.  Although it is true that low-cost models are often of low quality, some are wrongly highly priced. So, always check the features, capabilities, throughput, and serviceability. Also, put your needs into consideration and only settle for the brand that delivers explicitly that. The vacuum cleaner that suits your friend may or may not be ideal to you.
    1. Failing to consider the health conditions of family member

    Are some or all of your family members allergic to pollen, dust or other allergens? Buy a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters. They are expertly certified to eradicate 99.97 percent of tiny particles (measuring less than 0.3 microns). Most allergens fall into this category of particles. Find out from your vendor if the model you are considering meets this or any other relevant specification.
    1. Disregarding battery specifications

    Vaccum The charging time and the maximum duration of use, on a single charge, both depend on the specifications of the battery. Your best bet is to settle for any model with Li-Ion batteries. These types besides delivering longer working times have shorter charging times compared to other varieties. For instance, while Ni-Mh batteries take a short time to charge, their working times are much shorter. A typical working and charging period for a good battery is 160min per 1.5h charge. Confirm the certification where possible.
    1. Relying exclusively on commercials

    Confirm everything you hear in the advert before you make your purchase. Even when talking about common features and functionalities, promoters have a way of putting them as though they are exclusive to their products. So, always conduct your research and corroborate what you hear with the industry standards. For example, features like a sensor that detects elevation changes is currently so common you will likely find it in even the most competitively priced units. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSiGAOR6704[/embed]


    Buying your ultimate vacuum is the best way of ensuring your loved ones breathe in fresh air all the time. That is why it is important to know what you need and settle for nothing less. Besides such a model keeping your home attractively clean, it promotes good health among your family members.

  • Cape Codder

    Also called a vodka cranberry, it is a delicious and simple drink you can have any time of the day. For this you will need a bottle of cranberry juice, found for a few bucks at the local supermarket combined with an inexpensive bottle of vodka will result in cape codders at minimal cost.

    Margarita and Daiquiri

    These are obvious favorites in every household since it is one of the most cost-effective ways of diversifying your drinking experience. For both of these drinks, you will require distilled spirit, tequila or rum or budget-friendly liqueur while adding a few fresh fruits or canned fruits. You can blend or shake these two drinks into any flavor you imagine.

    Black Russian

    Luscious and simple, the black Russian is without a doubt one of the best drinks while on a tight budget. You can make any number of vodka drinks with a few extras in hand. So be sure to check for coffee liqueurs cheaper than Kahlua. You can build the favorite drink using vodka and Kahlua base.

    Lemon drop martini

    Lemon juice, vodka, and sugar combine for a low-cost and elegant drink. It is a quite refreshing cocktail with the zing of a freshly made lemon drop martini being a pure pleasure in the flavor department. Without spending a fortune and with a quick switch in ingredients, you can enjoy a variety of vodka martinis.


    After picking up a six-pack of ginger ale, grab a bottle of whiskey and mix it up for the highball, which you can enjoy for days. You are looking at a $20 or less drink depending on your choice of whiskey.

    Gin Rickey

    One cost-effective way to save money from going to the bar is investing in a soda maker or siphon along with a few CO2 cartridges. With this single tool, you can make any soda drink you like. A well-stocked bar along with a little soda can give you a gin Rickey to a myriad of other beverages at minimal cost.

    Gin and tonic

    Undoubtedly a favorite among many drinkers, the gin and tonic can be as cheap and extravagant as you need it to be. It can be easily made with some great gins for below $15 and six pack of small tonic water bottles which cost a few dollars. To spice things up, you can add a shot of flavored syrup or random fruit juice to the G&T routine.


    Rum and coke

    Since rum is one of the least expensive spirits out there, this makes the rum and coke combination one of the cheapest drinks you can mix up. Combining $10 bottle rum with a $1 liter of coke, you achieve a drink which is tasty and easy on the purse.


    You can easily make a refreshing mojito with the help of a bottle of rum, some mint, and club soda. It is a fantastic drink which is cheap and easy to make.

  • It is a daunting task to clean your home in a whole day. Fortunately, with the help of these tips, you can make it possible to clean your full house in a day.

    Begin with dishes and laundry

    If you have dirty and dusty curtains, get them as soon as possible along with other bed linens into the washing machine. It is a sort of multitasking as while the washing machine washes your laundry; you are free to clean the rest of your house. If you are burdened with dirty dishes in the sink, get it cleaned and start the dishwasher while you attack different rooms.

    Clean from the top down

    Begin your dusting process from the top and work your way down. Tend to clean the ceiling fans and dust off the high shelves and progressively get to the lower areas. It is practical as the dirt and grime from above do not get all over surfaces which you have already cleaned. Repeat this in each room.

    Banish clutter

    While you work on cleaning the tops of tables and shelves, now is the right time to clear clutter. Tend to put away items as you go and toss the things you no longer require in the bin. You can designate a box of such items with an intention to donate.


    Tackle the bathrooms

    Clean the toilet one after the other and avoid doing rooms in between. Spray disinfectants on the counter, tub and toilet with the help of a cleaner and wipe them down. Do not forget the mirrors and walls as well.

    Clean the kitchen

    Clear everything off the kitchen counter and wipe them down with a disinfectant. Do not forget to clean the sink, cabinets, and appliances as well.

    Clean out the fridge

    Before cleaning the refrigerator, remove all contents from the refrigerator. Using hot soapy water begin to wipe down all the shelves, handles and drawers. If needed, pull out the drawers and clean them individually.

    Clean furniture

    Use an upholstery attachment on the vacuum to clean all the upholstered furniture. When cleaning wood or wicker furniture, use a rag to wipe them down.


    Tackle the floors

    Tackle all the carpeted areas of your home using a vacuum. Sweep where it is needed including below the furniture and in tight corners. Don't be afraid to move the furniture to vacuum and clean behind. Also tend to mop the kitchen, bathroom, and rooms.

    Tidy the laundry and mudroom

    When in the laundry room, toss all old and empty containers. If needed clean out the dryer's lint trap. Organize the cupboards, shelves, and mudroom.


    Finish outside

    Don't forget to clean the patio and deck. Using hot soapy water, wipe down the furniture. Tend to power wash or hose off the surfaces.


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